Architectural Modeling Project
Oakland Technical High School, Spring 2005

Class: Architectural Design
Team Size: Individual
Duration: 5 months
Project: Design a house for a lot on Oakland's Dover Street.

In this class, the second semester was spent developing an entry for the Annual House Design Competition, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Oakland and the East Bay Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

The house was required to be a 1,600 square foot, three-bedroom, two-bath house that would fit on a 40 foot by 120 foot plot of land on Dover Street in North Oakland.

I wanted to make sure that my house design fit in with the craftsman bungalow style of houses in Oakland by incorporating some traditional aspects of the bungalow such as the large paneled front window, the enclosed porch, and the low-sloping roofs. Knowing that bungalows can be quite small inside, I made sure no rooms on in the main living area were fully enclosed to keep the space open and welcoming. This also helped accessibility – there are no long, narrow hallways, and there are only a small distance between rooms on all floor. In the end, I tried to crate a house that is open, hospitable, and sticks to the architectural traditions of Oakland.

The back side, or Northwest Elevation Perspective for the house.

The overhead Plot Plan for the house.