Hand-Drafted Engineering Projects
Oakland Technical High School, Spring 2003 & 2004

Class: Engineering Principles, Descriptive Geometry
Team Size: Individual
Duration: 2 months each

In the Engineering Academy program at Oakland Tech, students take a class on engineering drafting principles in 10th grade and descriptive geometry in 11th grade. At the end of each school year, students create their own large-scale, hand-drafted projects demonstrating a mastery of the year's material.

Projects are submitted to the Alameda County Fair and the California State Fair in the Industrial Education category. My Engineering Principles project won First Place, Best of Class, and Best of Show at the Alameda County Fair and First Place in the Best of Show competition at the State Fair. My Descriptive Geometry Project won First Place and Best of Class at the Alameda County Fair.

Left: Engineering Principles project, "Pi Kitty." Right: Descriptive Geometry project, "Nessie, Creature from the Deep."