Hungry Hotel
California State University, Fresno, Summer 2010

Class: Toy Product Design - Concept to Product
Team Size: Individual
Duration: 2 weeks
Project: Develop a toy from concept to alpha prototype.

Hungry Hotel is a two-player strategy game with a twist. Players sit on opposite sides of a hotel game board and deliver a set number of room service meal trays to the hotel’s hungry patrons. Players draw tokens to determine which rooms to deliver their meals to and take turns moving up and across the hotel building to reach their desired rooms. The first player to deliver all their meal trays wins.

While most meal trays contain yummy food, some trays contain items that affect game play, such as loss of a turn. Meal trays are closed until they are delivered, so there is an element of surprise in the reveal. In addition, both players’ tray delivery mechanisms are connected via a pulley -  so one player’s vertical motion oppositely affects their opponent’s motion. While each player decides how to most quickly reach their target rooms, they must also think about whether their moves will help or hinder their opponent! This interconnectedness makes Hungry Hotel more interactive than many other head-to-head games.

Players sit opposite each other and move vertically and horizontally on the game board to deliver room service meals, shown above, to the hotel’s hungry patrons.

Most trays contain food, but some contain other surprises. On the left is a tray containing a “lose a turn” token; on the right is a tray containing a “double delivery” token.