My first experience with running started in fifth grade. P.E. class always started with a run around the school's grassy field. I loved this run because I was the second-fastest kid in the class, only behind one very fast boy. We had a mile race at the end of that year; I proudly finished with a time of 9:04.

In sixth grade, my twin brother and I joined our middle school's running club. I ran my first road race that year, finishing in 24:53.

I joined my high school's cross country team in 9th grade. One of my best friends and I were the only girls; there were only two other schools in our league with girl runners, only one of which had a full team! We gained a coach and enough girls for a small team over the next three years. I was fast for my league, so I individually qualified to compete at the California State Championship all four years. Swimming was my spring sport, but I also ran track my junior and senior year.

I ran cross country and track on MIT's Division III team for four years. In my senior year, I qualified with my team for the NCAA Division III National Championships in cross country - the very first time the MIT women's team qualified to do so. I also provisionally qualified in the indoor 5km, distance relay, and the outdoor 10km for the NCAA Division III National Championships in track, and I was able to secure my spot and race in the 10km. My years on the team were a crucial part of my MIT experience - I got quite a bit faster, grew incredibly attached to my team, and, perhaps most importantly, learned to really love running.

Below summarizes my best running performances:
Distance Time Date
Cross Country/Road Races
3km: 10:57 10/17/14
4km: 15:16 10/14/06
5km: 18:39 3/23/14
6km: 22:35.42 11/22/08
10 mile: 1:04:34
1/2 Marathon: 1:31:55 10/6/13
Indoor Track
1000m: 3:08.90 1/31/09
1200m: 3:43.x (relay split)
1 mile: 5:13.33 2/7/09
3km: 10:11.98 2/13/09
5km: 17:35.15 2/27/09
Outdoor Track
800m: 2:23.x (relay split) 4/11/09
1500m: 4:40.20 5/2/09
5km: 17:57.85 5/2/09
10km: 36:50.43 3/21/09

Additionally, you can view my full collegiate race history, as well as my current post-collegiate and old pre-collegiate race results.